More about Stretching

I have just been reading an article in The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine about stretching. If you have read my previous post on the subject, you will remember that I have recently tried out some different ideas.  This is because I read that current thinking is that it does … Continue reading

Injured (Again)

I was out on my short, fast run this morning when disaster struck. There was no reason for it that I could see.  Things were going along as usual and I was running a little slower to prepare myself for the long uphill that I go this way for. Then … Continue reading

Drugs Cheats

Quite an emotive title; I think so anyway The International Olympic Committee has told the British Olympic Committee that it can not ban for life  athletes found using drugs. Notice “found”. I suspect that there is an arms race raging between the manufacturers and the detectors because the impression I … Continue reading

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