I have been running since 1972, and am still at it!

I thought it was time to share some of my experience with the world. I started running before it became popular and the marathon boom took place. I think that the majority of runners will benefit from my words of wisdom because so much of the knowledge seems to have been diluted or lost over the years.

I see a lot of people running badly and getting unnecessary injuries that prevent them from getting the full enjoyment out of their running. Hopefully someone will take notice of me and increase their enjoyment as a result, even though much of what I say is a little unusual and is often against the “received wisdom”

My purpose in life is:

To help others to get all the benefit and enjoyment from running they can.

To help them to appreciate running as part of their lives and to enjoy the experience for its own sake a much as for the benefits it gives.

To introduce as many people as I can to the benefits of running and to help them on their way.

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