An Old Pair Of Running Shoes

Because of the snow this winter I had to take a drastic measure.

I dug out my old “ripples”.

I bought them about 1975 and wore them for cross country running.  I have not worn them for about 15 years or maybe more so I had to displace a few spiders and oil the leather to make them usable.  The laces had almost rotted away, so I replaced them.

They looked awful and did not feel that good either.  I stuck some gaffer tape around them to protect my feet from the cracks and rough edges and set out into the snow.

Old Running Shoes

They actually felt great.

They are very springy because of the ripples, and they are flat soled.  No fancy inserts and arch support.  In fact, the sponge inserts wore out years ago so my feet are directly on leather. The reason they felt so good is the absence of any protection technology.  My feet can move naturally without constriction, so it felt good.

There  is small band of barefoot runners that have always known this, and there is a growing trend to question the hype that the running shoe manufacturers have been spinning since the mid 70’s about how you need their expensive shoes.  I have never believed it myself, but it is very difficult to find any sort of shoe for running that is not like these modern types.

Little incidents like this make me think about looking harder for something I consider to be the right design.

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