Benefits of Self Awareness In Sport

By Karim

Awareness is consciousness or expertise in a situation. Self awareness is consciousness and awareness of your thoughts, behaviours, strengths, disadvantages, values, knowledge and potential.

Athletes with a winning mind-set target themselves and not the athletes they are competing against.

Having an open mind and willingness to seek different solutions to your problems is awareness.

Athletes that don’t progress or excel do the same thing continuously. To do something repetitively and get the same unwanted result  is simply madness. We are creatures of habit and fear change, or perhaps we are not aware that we should change.

By changing how we feel and see ourselves and imagining a better athlete can just inspire you to make difficult changes.  I often work with athletes who have no idea of the changes they need to make because of low confidence or low self-esteem.  They either don’t consider, or lack the confidence that they can achieve greatness.  We are unique and it is very important understand and be aware about that uniqueness. Learn to appreciate you are different from other athletes and don’t think of yourself as like other athletes. It is far better to be a high quality version of yourself than a second rate version of another individual.

To become aware you’ll want to look at yourself through your eyes objectively. I appreciate that this is easier said than done. But by evaluating who you happen to be, where you are and where you wish to go as an athlete will throw open all types of brand-new possibilities. It is imperative you document and write anything down. Take full stock of yourself and note down your strengths, weaknesses, truths, limiting beliefs, wanted and unwanted behaviours.

This list can go on and on but break it down into four categories if you like.

In sport there are four varieties of profiling that you might like to look at. These are generally performance profiling, mental sport profiling, technical game profiling along with tactical game profiling. By doing a comprehensive audit of yourself as an athlete gives you an honest assessment of your present situation.

And only when you already know where you really are can you decide where you wish to go.

By setting goals along with achieving these goals raises your confidence, and more confidence can lead to better performances.  If you complete a profile of your respective technical, physical, tactical and psychological game performance, you’ll be able to set goals in these four areas also.

But remember not to overload using goals. Athletes that set lots of goals at once can suffer one of several fundamental errors in goal setting.  It is important to be patient because committing to excellence is often a long term process.

The abilities are deep inside you, your inner athlete, and by becoming aware about your inner and outer self is definitely the start of your voyage to excellence. Don’t wait until next season or the following month to start preparing effectively. Preparation and evaluation starts now. Start tuning into your opinions, feelings, beliefs, and reasons. Become aware what changes or work you need to do to reach your highest goals.

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