Better Running Performance and Time – Mental Tricks to Running Farther and Better

By David Dack

If you want to run faster, further without exhausting yourself on the road, then you need to address the mental side of your training as well. as a result, here a few tips and mind tricks for running faster and further.

1- Visualize the run

Visualizing a run is like installing directions on your internal GPS program; it allows you to run smoothly and with more control over your emotions and performance. As a result, before you head out the door, you should crease a mind map of the entire running course with any obstacles and hurdles you may face throughout the workout. This is also a part of the preparation process.

2- Pre-run preparation

Confusion and multitasking can hinder your running program. If you set the right environment for running, you will get the most out of your training session; you could do this by preparing physically and mentally for the workout, for example you could set your running gears out the night before you run, make sure that you know the road you will be taking and the type of training you will performing… Otherwise, you will start you training session being confused and frustrated.

3- A short run is better than none

It is better to run 5 minutes than to stay seated on the couch. Many runners have the assumption that they must run long distance before they feel satisfied. Although, the more you run the better, sometimes you may be tired or injured, then going for a short run will keep you on the right path without having to stop training entirely.

4- Run with music

If you are one of those who get lonely and bored when running, then you need to put on some headphones and listen to inspiring music. Music can be very uplifting and allows you total immersing in the experience of running, instead of tuning in on any sign of pain or fatigue. Just make safety a priority and don’t run in crowded areas or where you need to be aware of your surroundings-no one like a deaf runner!

5- Mastermind group

You are the people whom you surround yourself with. If you blend with healthy and successful people, you are more likely to get what you want and vice versa. Thus, be aware of the people you spend time with and do your best to associate with healthy and successful individuals-in your case: runners who are already on the right path.

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From David Dack – Running Author and Enthusiast

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