Feeling Stiff

When I woke this morning if felt like I had never run before in my life!

It happens occasionally.

Who am I kidding?  It happens regularly.  It is all part of the fun of running!

The reason?…Thursday night I did a speed session.

I went down to the track intending to do ten 200s, running every 3 minutes.  That should get it all over in half an hour.

Anyway, when I got there it was quite a warm night and there was a light South-Westerly wind blowing.  As I felt quite hot under my many t-shirts, I decided I would do something fast as it is a long time since it has been warm enough to consider such a training session.

I did three sets of 20, 40, 60, 40, 20m with walk back intervals.

The last set was getting to be something of a speed endurance session, but I managed most of it at full speed.

So that is why everything is creaking today; and because I did not do anything yesterday.  I should have done a bit of jogging, but…

Will I ever learn?

This morning I remembered something that happened ages ago, ten years or so easily.

Again I was at the track and trying to warm up.  I say trying because I was so stiff, it felt like I had some extremely tight jeans on or something.  I just could not move my legs.  I do not remember  ever feeling like that before or since.

So, I was struggling to do striders and the club Chairman came over to ask how I was doing; a good chance for a moan.

He asked if my blood was sticky.  Having not cut myself I could not answer, but he suggested I try Aspirin.

I have heard other runners say that they take it and it helps with pains in their Achilles tendons.  I have since read many good things about Aspirin.

I read a book by Andrew Weil, and he recommended anyone over 40 taking a quarter of a tablet a day.  I’ve heard that in other places as well.

So I did it.

A soon as I got home I took a quarter of an Aspirin tablet and… the next day all of the stiffness was gone!

The trouble is that it is the only time it has ever worked, though I do still take the Aspirin every day.

Do not do it yourself unless you have asked your doctor if it is safe.

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