Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

It is all about running, as you may have noticed!

It is mainly for recreational runners or fitness runners; you know what I mean if you are one.  You run because it is your hobby, maybe you enter a race or two or you may enjoy just going for a run.  Or perhaps you run marathons.  You might have started for fitness, and it was a good choice, but now it has got to you and you can not stop.

But, not only will it be about running, it will be about other things as well.

I hate to see people running with personal stereos or MP3 players.  I know it is a good time to get something useful or what you like into your brain, but I prefer to use the time to empty my mind rather than fill it with more stuff.

There is so much information going round now; look at yourself reading this for a start.  Time spent not absorbing any more and giving your mind a rest is very valuable.  And your running time is a good time to take this opportunity to empty your mind and get to know your inner self.  I use it as a sort of meditation.  To switch my brain off and concentrate on one thing and get bored!

It is surprising what happens when you let your mind wander.

You come up with ideas you want to write in a blog for one thing!

That is what you will find here

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