Injured (Again)

I was out on my short, fast run this morning when disaster struck.

There was no reason for it that I could see.  Things were going along as usual and I was running a little slower to prepare myself for the long uphill that I go this way for.

Then I felt the familiar, if unwelcome, sharp pain in my right calf muscle and that was it: walk home.

So now I shall have to leave off running for perhaps a week!

The annoying part is that I did “something” to my arm a couple of weeks ago.  My shoulder blade seemed to crack, but there was no pain.  I did not run for a couple of days because the weather was bad and I did circuit training instead and never had any trouble.

Then I went to the track.

There was a pain in my upper arm while I was jogging, but when I tried sprinting, I couldn’t.  The pain in my shoulder and upper arm was unbearable.  Yet if I moved my arms sprint fashion while standing still, there was no pain.  Irritating or what?

So I did a week of circuit training and it went away.

Now I’m back in the same position and I expect it to be okay within a week, but you never know.

The moral of this story is to make sure you have something else to do as well as your running.

Some sort of gym work is necessary if you want to run faster anyway, and it also helps to protect you against injury while running; though not in this case obviously.

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