London Diary

I am spending a few days in London at the moment. It has little to do with running I know, but I have two comments to make.

I went to Madame Tussaude’s and saw a waxwork of Jesse Owens. What surprised me was how small he was, though that was a general observation about almost everyone.

What I mean was that he was a similar build to me, not the body-builder types who run the 100 nowadays.

I suppose it is a demonstration of how much extra it takes to run those few hundredths of a second faster.

While sitting on a bench in Hyde Park, enjoying the autumn sun, I was watching the runners going past. They were all shapes an sizes, but the one thing they had in common was that they were not running properly.

I know this is an unfashionable opinion, but I shall persist in expressing it because I know it is right and eventually it will become fashionable.

They all had expensive shoes of the normal type with wide heels and plenty of support to stop your feet moving. And of course, they were landing on their heels and increasing the risk of injury many times as well as wasting energy.

This is a bee in my bonnet and that is why I have written a number of e-books on the subject, which you can get your hands on by looking at the top right of this page.

That’s the end of the commercial, but I reckon it would benefit you more than it benefits me.

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