Running Better; Running Faster

Well, it’s been a few weeks now since I abandoned my running shoes.  All is still well.  In fact, I have not felt this good for years.

I am still getting used to it:  my feet ache more and I feel like I am on the verge of getting shin splints.  My ankles are stiff in the mornings and they click a lot when I rotate my feet.  But it does not last very long once I’m moving about.

On the positive side, I am running faster and further than I was a few weeks ago.

When I am on the track, my ankles feel so much stronger and my stride is longer as a result.  I am managing to do much more and I am not continually expecting a muscle to give way at any time like I was a few weeks ago.

Best of all, yesterday I ran to some local soccer pitches, which is about two kilometres, and then did some speed training.

I do what I call one minute turnabouts along the length of the pitch.

This means I set my countdown timer on my watch for one minute and then run the length of the pitch.  When the alarm goes, I run back.   The beauty of this is that you can run as fast as you want to, depending on how many reps you do.

The pitch I chose was on a slight slope, so I ran uphill in one direction and downhill on the way back.

Recently I have only been doing sets of four, usually two sets, and then I would stop before something gave way.

This time I did twelve.  In one go.  Then ran home.

I have not managed to do this much since I was in my twenties, so, you can probably understand that I am feeling pleased with myself.

There is something going on here that is not entirely due to the change of shoes I am sure.   I don’t suppose it matters that much because it is having the effect of me running better and faster than I have for years and I do not feel like I am about to get an injury at any moment.

That last point is the most important.

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