Running Shoes DO Make A Difference

This is an update to my previous post “Do Running Shoes Make THAT Much Difference

It has been nearly three weeks now and I have not worn my normal running shoes since the last post on the subject.  So far the difference has been so great it is difficult to describe.

Three weeks ago, if I touched my Achilles tendon after I had been running you would have to scrape me off the ceiling.  Not any longer.

The aches and pains in my calf muscles are no more.

I have a new pair of legs!

I’ll tell you the story.

The next two times I went for a run I went in these shoes.

Old Running Shoes

I bought these nearly twenty years ago!  I ran in them a few times but stopped for some reason I can’t remember now.  Since then I have used them for jobs about the house and when I am doing weight or circuit training in the kitchen.  They fit so well that I never undo the laces any more, they just slip on.

As to the run, well it did not go as expected.  For one thing I only ran for twenty minutes.  I usually run for at least thirty, but I did not want to push it and was not capable of doing much more in the end!  My lower leg muscles complained somewhat to say the least.  Every scar from every injury I have had over the last few years was making its presence known from the first step to the last.

Then when I got home, within half an hour it had all gone!  I was not expecting to be able to walk the following day, but there was hardly any pain or stiffness and what there was had gone after I had been moving for a short time.  I touched my Achilles tendons and there was no pain there either.

I was very intrigued so I had a day’s rest, still no stiffness, and tried again with the same result.

Now I decided that I was definitely on to something and it was worth pursuing, so I bought some new shoes from my local supermarket.

New running shoes

As you can see, they are not what you would normally call running shoes, but they have proved to be better for actually running in.

Since then I have increased my distance and speed, and done some sprinting at the track.  The old injury scars are still reminding me of their presence, but nothing has broken down yet.  It is still hard work because I am still getting used to the new shoes and running gait.  I keep expecting to wake up in the morning unable to walk, but the stiffness goes after fifteen minutes or so.

It is years since if felt this good, so I’m going to keep it up.  I think it will take a few more weeks for my legs to gain the new strength required  for my new running style, but I feel sure that once I have adapted properly I will spend more time running and less time being injured.

So, what are you going to do?

If you do decide to give it a try, it is at your own risk!  I recommend that you put your email address in the form on the right of this page and get my “Best Kept Running Secret” report and read that first because there is some essential information in it that will help you here.

Once you start you have to do it 100%.  Do not try this along side using you old running shoes.  Most of my injuries over the last year I put down to changing from spikes to running shoes and back.  Mothball them and buy some plimsolls and only use them.

Cut your distance and take it easy until it starts to feel good.

Most people are not going to do this I know.  Why should they listen to some old guy ranting on about plimsolls?  But who are you going to believe; someone with nearly forty years running experience or someone trying to sell you some expensive shoes every three months?

I expect the shoe salesman will win because he has the loudest voice and spends a fortune researching the subject.

Do I care?

No, its not my legs that are getting injured after all.

I discussed my experiment with my friend, Norman.  He agreed entirely.  Between us we have we over 100 years running experience!

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