The Barkley Marathons: A Lesson In Failure

I just watched a film on Netflix about the Barkley Marathons. It’s an ultra marathon trail run held in Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee. It’s also a good lesson in failure. I’ve never heard of it before and probably you haven’t either. The organizer and inventor Gary “Lazarus Lake” … Continue reading

A Short Cut To The Long Run

A regular long run is necessary if you want to run a marathon, but how far should you go? Here is an article by Matt Fitzgerald on how to make it easier.  Read the original at: Photo: John Segesta You can run a good marathon without logging 20-mile training … Continue reading

Three Tips to Improve your Running

If you are a recreational runner the following three tips should help you to improve your running and prevent injury. Beginners in particular will benefit from this advice whether you run marathons or chase footballs or anything in between. 1. Learn to run properly. You might think that anyone can … Continue reading

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