The biggest Cause of Cancer: You

The biggest cause of cancer is you and your behaviour.

According to a recent article in Nature, 70% to 90% of cancers are preventable by removing external risk factors in your environment.

This contradicts earlier research that suggests that random mutations, or bad luck in every day terms, is the main cause of cancer.

Bad News

To quote an article in The Telegraph, “The finding is likely to prove controversial as it suggests that people could slash their risk of ever getting cancer if they just made lifestyle changes such as keeping out of the sun, exercising or cutting down on cigarettes.”

This news is likely to go down like a lead balloon.How to remove a cause of cancer

It’s just not what people want to hear.

The Cancer Curing Industry is enormous.  How many marathons are run to cure cancer for one thing?  The person doing the running is the only one likely to benefit; from a reduced cancer risk anyway.  But not through unemployment.

Who wants to know that they are suffering from cancer because they caused it themselves?

Who wants to know that the cause of cancer is drinking alcohol, smoking and sunbathing for hours.  That is practically the whole of the holiday business finished.

What people want to hear is that their cancer was just bad luck.

But there are thousands of researchers out there striving 24/7 to find a little pill that will magic it away.

Dream on.

Yes, the cause of cancer is bad luck

It is also bad management, and, according to this article, it is mostly bad management.

But, if you can cure the diseases that kill people, like bubonic plague (I’m sure it was distasteful to people in the middle ages to wash, just as it is now distasteful not to drink alcohol and sunbathe), then something else will get you in the end.  Currently it is degenerative diseases.  Another disease will take over if we ever get them under control.

There are plenty of runners who suffer from cancer.  There are probably many times more who don’t suffer because they are runners.  The point is that the best cure for cancer is not exposing yourself to risks.  Like good sewers prevent you from dying from cholera.

And for anyone who has heard of the Law of Attraction or things like The Bible, what you think about most is what comes your way.  So “cancer awareness” is probably another major cause of the disease.  If you are continually thinking about it, you are bound to get it, just like Dr Wilson in “House”.

Do yourself a favour.  Eat better, exercise and most of all, don’t think about it.

And if you didn’t know already, running is one of your “five a day” cures for cancer.  There have been plenty of studies into the effects of running and exercise on your risks of suffering from the major diseases of today; heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Look at this one in Runner’s World for instance.  There are hundreds of articles going back many years, so hey, the best cure for cancer is not to get it in the first place, so get your shoes on and run for your life.  It’s not news, it’s a well known fact.

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