Weight Training that may not be helping you very much.

I’ve just read this article about squats and speed training:

Sprint training, especially lifting weights, may not be the most important thing on your running mind at the moment, but this is relevant in that it talks about the mechanics of running. 

The words of coaches past that I can still hear in my mind when I’m running are “drive with your arms” and “drive your legs back”.

This has great relevance to the recreational runner who wants to do a little better.

What the above article says is that when you are running you are pulling the ground beneath you.  The better and faster you do that, the faster you will run.

So developing the glutes and hamstrings is what runners need to do.

You will find that you will perform better if you develop these muscles; though I am not necessarily advising you to take up weight training, unless you want to of course.

What you can do is what my coaches kept saying: “drive your legs back”

When on a run try to think about your running style.  At times like these you can think about how you are running and concentrate on just lengthening your stride a little by pulling your legs through just that bit harder using your glutes and hamstrings.

Another time you can think about this is when you are tiring but still need to keep up the pace, such as going up hill or trying to burn some one off.  Think about driving your legs back.  To do this you need to be driving your elbows back as well because your legs always follow your arms.

So now you need to get your arms fitter and stronger, so hit the press-ups a few times a week!

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